Monday, April 30, 2012

Antoinette's -- Gestures of Love in Paperform



My Expression of gentle, sincere, love.

Created during a desperate time of needing pain relief from the pain in my neck/shoulder movement. I was determined not to let it get me down and immobile. And needing to stand on my faith and security of God as my comfort and steadfast answer to prayer.

    My first tags which I love now calling "Tag your It" tags.  I decorated by first delicately embossing with flowers and birds in the background then placed a "eggs in a nest" stamp along with words of encouragement that inspired me from the stamp.

A piece of card art I kept picturing in my mind and had to put on paperform.  I covered a brightly orange card with colorful punched out paper butterflies flying from a pure white flower inspired to go forth throughout the world and spread the Love of God.

Reign on me Lord, fill me with your joy and peace.
                                                A watercolored piece with diecut flowers.

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