Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frugal Project

Hi, Everybody..
This Frugal Grannie is making this one short and sweet. I wanted to take advantage of this time of year here in Texas. School supply sales are going on and I wanted to buy a few notebooks and pens. I enjoy customizing notebooks to my style and these were a bargain at 19cents each.

I wanted to try two versions on covering.  If you notice I covered the wire-ring bind on one with a strip of cardstock.
This one shows the ring-bind. I covered with one of my favorite colors since these are for me and simple uses.  I did not bling them up but used a cuckoo clock stamp to add to the design paper. My Grandmother on my Dad's side used to have a cuckoo clock. I remember it when visiting  I would to go into a trance when the grownups were talking and just watch it for the next time it would go off.
This binder took on a more expensive look covering the wire bind.Here is my pen makeover.
I  bought a package of pens..and added my girlee/bling touch to them. I Elmer glued some fuzzy yarn all around the pen and put some bling on the top and bottom tips. I hope this inspires you to go out there and take advantage of buying some notebooks and pens for Christmas gifts.

 The savings was so great...I should go back and buy a couple dollars worth...bye.... Until next time..

Sunday, July 29, 2012


May He grant you according to your heart's desire, and fulfill all your purpose.
Psalm 20.4

I love my Cuttlebug always having fun trying to find new creative ideas.

I have been playing on a site called Pinterest I was introduced to and I saw a triple folder embossing idea.  Well, I have really gotten into Pinterest this past three weeks its being an absolute energy boost to my creativity..I am now dreaming in my sleep I'm making cards..crazy, huh, I know.  I have a list of new ideas I want to try this being one.

This is an easal card I did in a monotone as you see..I can't seem to get away from embossing monotones for now, loving the look to much. As I embossed I left enough room in between folders to make score lines. For the smaller designs I  picked certain sections from the Cuttlebug 'Birds & Swirls' folder.

I am so glad I found a better use for those thin mini-embossing folders. This makes so much more sense along with giving a more sofisticated design.
 Now to play with the score lines..I want to even try some criss-cross lines in between.
I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet card. Hold on to your dreams to success and fulfilling your hearts desire..even if they are small steps.
Seek God's will in all things, pray for his wisdom and insight into the purpose for your life, and ask for his help in all you do.
Until next time...

Friday, July 27, 2012

'Steampunk' Attitude

In my dreams....Pigs do fly...
the sky is the limit...
that's why they are called dreams. 

'Steampunk Buckle Hat' by Viva Las Vegas Stamps

I really just wanted to take this time to share some new stamps I am playing with and have fallen in love with.  They are by an artist Mary Vogel Lozinak with  'Viva Las Vegas Stamps' and right now through August 5th they are having
Free shipping & Handling.  These are just a few of the ones I have started my collection with...stop and visit their Newletter which will direct you to their Blog and Store. Remember 'Free Shipping & Handling.

'Steampunk Engine'
'Steampunk Buckle hat'

'Steampunk Wings'

'Bird Head' with steampunk attitude

I stamped the 'Steampunk Wings' with gesso, cut & did multiple layers.
Oh yes, I saved the best for last...I love 'Skinny Minnie'..I also used the 'Steampunk Wings' for cobble stones.
 Until next time..I hope you enjoyed the new stamps I am playing with..
Hold on to your dreams even if they seem far off..

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tag you're it...

I had a few Cuttlebug diecut leaves left over from the 'Tin Makeover' on my last post. I decided to be my frugal self and make a couple of flowers.
 They are the two big flowers on pattern paper using the 'Maple Leaf' die cut.
Looking at my paper flowers this diecut will pass for a poinsettia Christmas flower.
 I love pretty decorative tags.
 A tip I picked up on making these heavier decorated tags is to back up the flimsy tag with cordboard.

"Tag" you are it...make a fun tag and see how you can use your leaf diecuts to make flowers.
Until next time...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a Note & Tin MakeOver

'Steampunk Steam engine' stamp from Pinkflamingo61
by a wonderful artist 'Mary Vogel Lozinak'
I wanted to start with 'Just a Note'.  I was listening to a beautiful song  called 'The Stage is Bare' sung by Sandi Patti this weekend. The words hit home for me and encouraged my heart. I hope they do the same for you. A few words were:"The stage is bare" "I ask God to hold my hand on the daily days" " He gives me joy and certainty when no one else is watching me." It reminded me when I was in the professional world and surrounded by crowds, busyness of life, business and volunteer work. And now I am home alone, the crowd is gone and my home filled with quietness.  But God...He gives me joy and certainty despite my physical disablity. I am not going to lie..there are still times I cry when my body does not want to cooperate and makes me look awkward. But...
Jeremiah 29:11 says
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares, the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope a future."

Tin MakeOver

To think a year and a half ago this tin container started as a decorative tin I bought at a yardsale several years ago.   I spray painted it white and put the crystal drawer knob on there for a fancy decoration.  Haaaa..I thought I was  doing a crafty makeover then...silly me.  Since I have become disabled in my mobility not having long periods of stability. I get to recline  Blog Hopping when I can. It has opened my creativity to another level and such a wonderful new journey. I have always loved painting, embroidery and altering items.
  I used to love to collect pretty decorated tins and now that I'm crafting I want to change them up and start using them as containers to hold my trinkets and notions. My craftroom furnishings are in black & white with touches of wine red accessories. I am hoping to soon change the focus color to be an aqua soft turquoise color. Once I get redone I will share a picture of my craft-haven I love being in.

Back to the point of this particular tin.  I love my Cuttlebug leaf diecuts and wanted to use these particular ones to fancy up my tin. I did three layers of full leaves.  The middle layer being a different pattern.  Also, on the top edge I cut a leaf in half and set a frosted crystal.

FYI..I had my Son snip the crew shorter that goes into the knob to work for this tin.
I have so many tins..guess I will be having fun refacing them to a new look. I am glad I got them when I did this one may have been a dime.  So hopefully this will encourage you to change up your tins you are holding onto and/or check out those yardsales.

I got a little long winded this time hopefully you read my blog and got blessed. Until next time this Frugal Grannie Annie is out...hugs.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Altered Birdhouse

Decorating one of my favorite things to collect a birdhouse. It was a natural wood color before I dyed it black. The dying process was easy and gave it the look I wanted including the inside of the house. Those easy color dying steps are on my Blog Post "Dye For Projects". Design Paper from BoBunny-Fall Collection.
I cut out sunflowers from the paper pattern to use as the roof, larger sunflowers to decorate the sides and the little dragonfly as decoration.

 I used rolled up magazine paper for the tree branches and colored in the ends to look like snipped branches.
It was a project I was slow to take thinking it was going to be alot of work decorating. It turned out easy once I picked my design paper and little bird and got the hard part done by going the easy route of dying instead of painting  out of the way. Don't forget to check out my  Blog Post "Dye For Projects".  Afterall it is just 2 1/2 inch wide by 4 inch tall birdhouse my first to actually decorate and not just paint. I got it at Michaels for $1.00. What a wonderful keepsake and gift. The design papers are some of my favorite colors and I love, love, love sunflowers so it is a keeper in my craftroom.
I hope you love my birdhouse as much as I do and attempt the challenge on your own.
SO I leave you with words of encouragement and life to your desires of your heart.
Ephesians 2:10
For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to
 do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment..I appreciate hearing from you. Until next time..Hugs

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Delightful Cupcake from Recycled Cordboard

 Here you go...just for you.. a slice of calorie free cupcake....Haaaaa..heeeeee...isn't it the cutest.

Before I go any further I must commend and give praises to the Artist & Blogger 'art on the menu' that inspired me to make a recycled cordboard cupcake, who would have thunk.  I saw a picture on Pinterest of a variety of whole cupcakes they made. It took some research but I found the Artist. All I can say and be honored do is say a continued prayer "Blessings of creativity, health and joy in their heart for overflowing love of creativity to others."
I went with making half a cupcake due to my love of making cards as 'Keepsakes'.
I kept a memory picture in my head and kept playing with the idea on how to cut. These are the pieces I came up with and made my version of the 'Artist's.  I cut shaped, layered and manipulated thin strips to curly cordboard chocolate strips.

On cutting the design be sure to cut facing the cordboard opening holes.

I had so much fun making was almost as good as eating one...haaaaaa without the calories..well I didn't get to lick my fingers with the icing but I licked my lips with delight in making it.
If you notice on the picture I did put a hand diecut lace cupcake lining underneath the cupcake. I used two circles and made as one from the Martha Stewart Embroidery line.

This half of cupcake measures__2 1/4 inch wide by 3 inches to the top of curls.

 Here is my final version of my card..I didn't get to fancy with the card because i got to excited on showing the cupcake off.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed your visit and journey of my recycled cordboard cupcake. I was so inspired. I can't wait to make a coconut topping favorite..I am even thinking of a coconut recycled cordboard donut. I'll be sure to share. Don't forget to check out 'art on the menu' Blog the Artist that inspired me to my next level of creativity. They also share yummy recipes and have a Facebook page.
 I knew I was saving those cardboard boxes for something else beside recyled cordboard flowers and emblishments. You'll have to check out my 'Post" on the see click on 'Green with Joy...Heee'.
Ok...this Frugal Grannie is over and out..until next time...hugs
Hoping you leave me a comment.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'Steampunk Wings'

Enjoying my new stamp 'Steampunk Wings' from VivaLasVegas Stamps by stamp designer Mary Vogel Lozinak. I have so many ideas of what I can do with this stamp. Here it is simple on its own beauty of intricate lines and details with a dimensional look.

'Steampunk Wings'
Hope you enjoyed my card and the stamp. It inspired me to another level in my walk with God and growing my personal relationship with Him. As I stamped it on reminded me of the scripture:
Isaiah 40:31
but those who hope in theLORD will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary,
 they will walk and and not be faint.
I stamped these 'Steampunk Wings with Gesso.
Hold on to  hope..I know we all have different God has not failed me..He is true to his word and not man that he should lie.
Until next blessed in your health and joy in life.