Friday, July 27, 2012

'Steampunk' Attitude

In my dreams....Pigs do fly...
the sky is the limit...
that's why they are called dreams. 

'Steampunk Buckle Hat' by Viva Las Vegas Stamps

I really just wanted to take this time to share some new stamps I am playing with and have fallen in love with.  They are by an artist Mary Vogel Lozinak with  'Viva Las Vegas Stamps' and right now through August 5th they are having
Free shipping & Handling.  These are just a few of the ones I have started my collection with...stop and visit their Newletter which will direct you to their Blog and Store. Remember 'Free Shipping & Handling.

'Steampunk Engine'
'Steampunk Buckle hat'

'Steampunk Wings'

'Bird Head' with steampunk attitude

I stamped the 'Steampunk Wings' with gesso, cut & did multiple layers.
Oh yes, I saved the best for last...I love 'Skinny Minnie'..I also used the 'Steampunk Wings' for cobble stones.
 Until next time..I hope you enjoyed the new stamps I am playing with..
Hold on to your dreams even if they seem far off..

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Angela said...

These are really neat stamps and your use of them is expert!