Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frugal Project

Hi, Everybody..
This Frugal Grannie is making this one short and sweet. I wanted to take advantage of this time of year here in Texas. School supply sales are going on and I wanted to buy a few notebooks and pens. I enjoy customizing notebooks to my style and these were a bargain at 19cents each.

I wanted to try two versions on covering.  If you notice I covered the wire-ring bind on one with a strip of cardstock.
This one shows the ring-bind. I covered with one of my favorite colors since these are for me and simple uses.  I did not bling them up but used a cuckoo clock stamp to add to the design paper. My Grandmother on my Dad's side used to have a cuckoo clock. I remember it when visiting  I would to go into a trance when the grownups were talking and just watch it for the next time it would go off.
This binder took on a more expensive look covering the wire bind.Here is my pen makeover.
I  bought a package of pens..and added my girlee/bling touch to them. I Elmer glued some fuzzy yarn all around the pen and put some bling on the top and bottom tips. I hope this inspires you to go out there and take advantage of buying some notebooks and pens for Christmas gifts.

 The savings was so great...I should go back and buy a couple dollars worth...bye.... Until next time..

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