Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Dye for Projects in Beautiful Black

I am so excited to share this fun project..I have been wanting decorative black colored clothes pins to show off and display some projects. I have painted  by hand, spray painted, even painted with markers. So tedious and not the look I wanted.  I got this idea from another Blogger called 'Raising Oranges', she inspired me with her concept. She dyed hers pretty colors of pink, orange, blue, etc., but no black..I wanted black but her concept was there. I gave it my tweaked version..and got it done. I am sure you can do whatever color you want as she did and/or using her technique.

Instructions For Dyeing Natural Wood into a Beautiful Color Black as follows in Part 1 & 2:
Part 1:
Need Microwaveable Bowl - that holds more than 6 cups of waters
Newspaper for placing items to dry
Papertowels(I actually didn't have to use to many)
Apron for splattering on you..or wear an old t-shirt..
Ingredients in bowl: Part 1
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • Mircowave for 299 seconds---SECONDS
 Have handy:  spoon/ladle for spooning dye over items in bowl, tongs, oven mittens. Be careful, will be very hot to a boiling point. FYI..don't use wood utensils..will dye them

Part 2:
Add Additional Ingredients:
  • *2 tablets of *blue egg dye/ will bubble as dissolving_stir well
  • 1 box  Rit All Purpose Concentrated Tint & Dye/ Black15_stir well
Place clothes pins in and let soak for 5 minute or so..thats right..doesn't take but 5 minutes. 
* the 2 blue tablets of egg dye was before I decided to add the black dye/tint..(Her version had a dye tablet/water only if want to leave these tablets out you can try it..let me know because i would like to know if it effected my color processing)

You can pick up one from top and bottom to make sure IN long enough & took dye.
They came out such a pretty black..some of them the silver clip did oxydize..I can easily like that look..But noticed it was taking longer to take color when the dye fluid got I rewarmed dye fluid to very hot again and the color dyeing picked up again...5 minutes or less..I did ladle dye over items because I over stuffed bowl...THE MAIN CONCEPT WAS TO KEEP DYE FLUID HOTS SO NOT TO OXYDIZE METAL AND TAKE SHORTER TIME TO PICK UP COLOR.
I had so much fun and it was so much easier than painting...I dyed a few more projects I've been putting off because not wanting to paint so many different coats. So here are a few more items I dipped in dye.

I did one favorite $1.50 find at Michaels..As you can see I love birdhouses.
I bought two but only wanted one black.  Notice the metal birds..once I finished dyeing the birdhouse and layed on the paper I put a few extra drops of the black dye on tips of the birds here and there and got a distressed oxidation look..and it worked.
  Oh yes..almost forgot an important part to keep the glitter from shedding.  Lightly spray on each side with clear coat spray.Well, I hope you found this project useful..I know I did..the main reason was so I could have fancy black clothes pins..and add colored glitter to topsides for my blingy/girlee projects. 

Hopefully you will check out 'Raising Oranges' Blogsite..because she has some great ideas and has her blog setup to show you some other interesting blog projects on the bottom of her page.  She was a blessing sharing and helping me get this project done. Its been a project I have longed to get done.

In another happy there are crafters out there that are willing to share their ideas....and wanting to be a blessing to others.
Blessings to you as you visit me on my joyous walk sharing my love of arts & crafts.

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Barbara Rankin said...

Oh Antoinette, this is very cool. I love birdhouses, too, and I appreciate your sharing this very cool technique for coloring the wood clothespins. I think I just might give this technique a try, since coloring clothespins is, as you said, tedious, and I don't think it ever turns out quite right. But this really did.

Teresita said...

Antoinette, tienes trabajos muy bonitos!