Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi, Everyone
Playing with my 'Steampunk Steam Engine' stamp from Viva Las Vegas...I love how certain stamp collections take me to different stages of creativity.  These just happen to be a new collection I am learning to play with in taking my creativity to another level.

'Steampunk Steam Engine' stamp by Viva Las Vegas
As, I am building my stamp collection I find there are stamp collections that touch a special place in my heart, there are some girlee ones I love to collect, some that are darn cute and I just have to have. 
This past week as I have been organizing all my stamps and deciding where I wanted to take my next step of creativity I found  I want to grow  my newly started 'Viva Las Vegas Stamps' collection.  Not only because I love how they take my mind, heart & creativity to a different stage, but because I have come to learn more about the actual artist that have created these through their Blogs and Facebook pages.   Their Blogs are PinkFlamingo with Mary Vogel Lozinak and Life Imitates Doodles with Sandra Strait. 
 Don't forget Viva Las Vegas stamps is having Free Shipping & Handling through August 5th..I need to put in another order.
I love making cards and am amazed how stamps as well as design papers activate my creativity...and I love it.

  As you see..and have seen if you follow my Blog that my creativity is where my heart is.  So I will share a little bit of a poem I wrote several years ago.

Growing in God

Don't mistake my smile for flirtiness...But the Joy created in me by my Lord God who carries me through tough times.
Don't mistake my kindness for scratch my back I'll scratch yours...But for the open arms the Lord God has shown and created in me.
Don't mistake my meekness for weakness...But produced by the grace of God and his gentleness he has shown me.
Don't mistake my faith for ignorance...But as my walking testimony that my Lord God and Savior hears and answered my prayers.
Don't mistake my peace and self-control as a wimp before you...But as a child of God who has been on the other side and now sees the light & goodness of God as he has drawn me in with his loving-kindness.

We are all a work in progress...I choose to work on and have character & virtues like Jesus Christ who gives his fruit of his spirit if you ask him into your life.  'Trust & Try & God WILL SUPRISE YOU!...I have and found he is true  and 'Timeless' to his Holy Word..
know the Lord God loves us through our imperfections.

Until next time...


craftydr said...

I love this. You are so creative and I love what you did with this. I love how you stamped on the paper, then tore it before adding to your gorgeous piece.

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Gorgeous! I just love all of the beautiful details and such a great design :)

Barbara Rankin said...

I am loving your steampunk cards, and can't wait to see where all of these new stamps of yours take you. You are a very talented artist and love all of your work. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us.