Monday, October 8, 2012

Simple...Hard?...Yeah..Nay..Doesn't have to be.

Hi Everyone,
Not sure why sometimes its hard for me to go simple. I wanted to make a special birthday card for my youngest sister.  She doesn't like flowery and lots of bling but loves black and white. So this is what I came up with. I used an assortment of mini-cuttlebug embossing folders.
I have to share a little life nugget with you.a .life learning lesson.. I guess its good to watch some of these realilty shows. And one of them I enjoy is 'Project Runway.' I know I am not perfect so if I can I try learning by others mistakes. I do enough on my own so if I can learn by being attentive then I figure less knocks on my head from my far I still make to many on my own.
 As I was trying to make this card I remembered one of the episodes when the designer is having to design a dress for a client not being told but learning during the process not to lose their design style. Unfortunately some not recognizing that until the end.
  Guess life is just like that meet all kinds of people with different beliefs, attitudes and doesn't mean you lose yourself or get an attitude because they are different.... but allow yourselves to shine together in the midst as you share lifes journey. Watch a new beauty begin.

Until next time this Frugal Grannie is out.

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