Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Green" with Joy..heehee

Roses-Pulled paper off cardboard boxes

 I wanted to share a "green" paper rose  project".  I have thought of.. while pulling my labeled address off a cardboard box. How many do we get of those from our mail orders?  OK..I'm gets a lot..ok.. there.  I use them as part of my art supplies.   This "green" rose idea is a humdinger of a deal, save money, recycle and get beautiful flowers out of it..I am going to share my 4 step process.

Step 1_ Have a pulled strip of the cardboard paper
Step 2 _ Fold in half. 
 Showing you on the ruler so you can see the width of the paper I am working with on these particular roses. The end doesn't have to be pointed like this was just tore that way.

Step 3_ Start to roll in to make a firm center

Step 4_ then you twist/flip the paper strip and wind around continuing the process then hot glue

I even left some of the strip out to look like a leaf on one..or you can just take the last little section of the paper strip to use as the foundation to glue the body of the rose down.

Various sizes

I painted these white with acrylic paint(3coats) with a few sprays of water for a particular tag project I am working on. As you see below..I flocked with Martha Stewarts"sugar cubes" flake glitter.

I hope you enjoyed my first picture tutorial. The steps are similar to ribbon or rosette making flowers..The element of pulled cardboard paper strips is want makes this different and my "green" project.  Someone may already be doing this but here is "Antoinette's" version.  Enjoy...I hope you make many from your throw away boxes.


Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

WOW! What an amazing tutorial! I wish I could make flowers like this...they just look so amazing! :D

Elaine aka Ellapu said...

Love this tutorial.. I think I will have to start using my excess packaging also lol x

Unknown said...

Wow I love how you make your flowers they are wonderful how fabulous Antoinette
I’m back and I have the rest of today free so as to catch up on everyone’s creations since I have been away refurbishing my old house.
I adore reading the blog’s and looking at all the lovely cards and projects, almost as much as making the cards myself.
Antoinette Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog , its so nice to keep in touch.
Your blog is fantastic , such gorgeous creations .
Great work well done ,
Hugs Elaine

Annettes Hobby Rosettes said...

Very clever