Friday, June 1, 2012

Vintage with An Attitude

Vintage with an attitude..
 A vintage collage card with lots of bling. I love it so much I might even frame it. It came about as I was looking for something in my Notions desk drawer. I have two working desks one a Craft  desk and my Notions  Desk an antique desk my late husband bought me ages ago.  I would put my buttons, beads, favorite trinkets and such hoping someday I would be able to use them for crafts. Well, this pretty little lady was on an old calendar that I could not toss for such a time as this. I used some goodies I won from "IndigoEarth".  You all have to check out her/Sherri's art and jewelry pieces. She is an inspiration.  SHe is on my side bar as one of the Blog's I love to visit.


I love of course I had to put "Be You" with a "Joy" in my heart in "Love" share it with you and long to "Live" a long life.  I added bling here and there..a torn embossed ruffle in this spot and  there, pearls everywhere.

I decided I wanted the sides to have two different lace cuts and colors. Both Martha Stewart hand die-cuts. This card took me a long while..pulling a nerve on my back and now a cough..making the back pain and mobility worse. But I didn't let it deter my spirits. The pieces slowly came together as impatient as I am..I was to sick to fight the anger of my body moving slower  and with the joy of the Lord in my heart depression was not an option but relished God's love and took those spirts of energy as I could.. to piece this card together.  Fruiting forth smiles with joy in my heart as it slowly came to real vision.

Here is the complete view from front. I hope it inspires you to be patient and persevere on what may seem a good thing long coming. Please come to know...The fruits are plenty and leave a long lasting good taste..the other I've tried gives a BAD taste,a frown and everybody down around you not to mention raising the blood pressure. Don't get me wrong..I'm still a work in progress.
Hugs...Smiles..until next time..hope you enjoyed your visit..Don't forget to leave me a smile with a comment..and a kind word as a hug. 


Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Oh wow Antoinette! Such pretty details and love all of the layers :)

lyn clark said...

Wow what beautiful cards.I am no good at this type of card but admire others work truly stunning.thank you also for visiting my blog Biggest of kind hugs lyn xx