Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I take off my Hat to You..

I love hats..and I have so many hats, fancy hats,floppy hats, 40's hats, cowboy hats, lowrider hats, panama jack get the picture.

I love doodling but didn't realize it was an art. I thought it was just me scribbling and drawing doing what I love.

 I followed a Blog Hop last month call Viva LasVegas Stamps and found some outstanding, amazing, jaw-drawing, fantastico(heehee my spanish is coming out) simpatico cards,  stamps and drawings.  Oh my word..they were out of this world...Loving them.  I chose to go ahead and visit some of their personal blogs. I learned something new...Zentangle, Tangle patterns, Doodle art.  Wow..I am having a little heaven on earth.

During my physical down times I am reclined on my sofa or bed. Choosing a positive road those are the times I make my paper flowers for my cards. Now I can listen to music and tangle too...heeehee..get it..tango..tangle..I know I get a little to happy...they don't let me out much..heeeheee..just kidding..
Y'all are starting to wonder off on me....stay with me a bit longer.  So here is my "hat off to you" zentangle artist, doodle artist and tangle pattern creator artist. 
 I am on a new journey to drawing every which hat I can and...
Drawing hats to a joyful life of 'tangle patterns'..and hopefully get better at drawing a hat..heee
Love and Hugs...I'll be having an added combination of fun.  Praying there are going to be lots of hats you will be seeing..while my feet are dancing and praising my Lord Jesus Christ for this gift of art...I love so much.

Leave a comment as a me some love and leave a kind word or two. Until next time...hugs.

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Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Antoinette These are absolutely gorgeous! I love how detailed the embellishments on the hat are...can't wait to see that last one all coloured up! :)