Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Hello Everyone...

It's Saturday brunch time over here and I am a little under the weather...think its a sneaky bug making my body feel achy and sick.  The good thing is you can't catch it over the air waves of internet...and I can still play as I feel up to it.  Anyways...since I am bed is a sneak peak at a card I did using these few tips, tricks, techniques and  I am going to share with you now.  I will be sharing the whole card next Tuesday for the 'Twist of Faith' challenge, stay tuned for that.

I wanted to show you  another way we could use those Martha Stewart air dry clay molds. Well any air dry clay molds I just happen to have Martha Stewart.  I found as I would play mixing color on some they would not look the way I wanted and then when I wanted to use them they would not be the exact coloring I wanted so I painted them with white Gesso and then used regular ink pads of various colors to make the colors I wanted as you see below on the center of one of the flower.
I must say God is an incredible genius  blessing me with the idea. I have already used this technique on several of my cards.  I use a dobber if the mold is bigger and a small tipped watercolor brush if the mold is small and detailed like this center. It is amazing how that Gesso picks up the ink colors so gracefully giving great eye-candy to your project.
Below in this big White/pink flower clay mold previously it was a messy booboo when I tried creating a lighter pink center of the flower with a darker pink on edges. The process was I gave it  maybe 2 to 3 coats of Gesso let dry and I when I wanted to use it for this card. I lightly sanded some of the Gesso to give it a Shabby Chic look.

Here is a frame mold where I left with color I created by playing with clay and just adding a button in the center.
Next here is a tip I wanted to give you. When using delicate dies...Save the backing from your Xyron sticky machines and use as top layer before placing your actual paper you want cut so they don't tear and stick when you pull out...they come out just as beautiful and you have another piece to play with.  I am going to try alcohol inks with this extra strip.
This last technique I am sharing is with this spool of white tulle I bought at the dollar store. I apologize I did not take picture of process but you can change the color up on this to whatever you want instead of buying so many colors. I used my ink pad and dobbed the colors I wanted it to be. I am sure those distressed ink bottles are better for deeper colors. I am giving you the idea so you can run with it. I know I am thinking all kind of fun ways to use this tulle. We can use our Spellbinder/Sizzix flower dies to give our flowers extra texture. I used it as a background flourish on my card project below. You can't really tell from this picture but I gave the tulle some turquoise and brown touches.
I hope you enjoyed and have some new fun with your clay molds, recycled Xyron backing and tulle.
I am also sending you an invitation to stop by and join the weekly Challenge at Twist of Faith where we create and share cards with inspirational, healing and words of encourage through scripture.
 Until next time the Shabby Chic Grannie is out.  Blessings and hugs

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Zella said...

STUNNING!!!! Absolutely stunning!! You're tips and techniques inspire me to try something new. I'm so glad you're part of the Twist of Faith DT!!!!!