Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Looking back with a Joyful Heart

A new kind of card I call "Pay it Forward" Since I was giving this
 as a masculine card. I decided to have aloose pull out note so if the person
wanted to "Pay it Forward" in the near future they could.


As I made this card for a special friend's husband. In the process it brought back some of my sweet childhood memories.  I got my first bicycle when my Dad won  it selling the most raffle tickets for our Catholic church.  He was so proud..I was so happy.  I had to learn how to ride it and that poor bicycle took a beating, not to mention I was determined to learn how to pump a friend on the back seat. It was hilarious, laughs, bumps and bruises but sweet memories.

Enjoying my dance in the rain as crazy as it may sound sometimes when the thunder booms loud and the lightening seems fierce...I've learned to take the show in  by giving God the keys and letting Him do his work as I stay prayerful.  He has gotten me through so many times that I have finally learned how to dance in the rain. Try it..God is a great dancing partner.
Antoinette's Inspiration: The safari paper design..heehee lifes journey can be a safari..the key in there, we hold the key to unlock and release those feelings that hold us down and keep us from dancing and blooming(the pretty little safari flowers)..Hope you are enjoying and getting a smile..leave me a comment..I enjoy them..hello...are ya there? Loves you

Just in didn't get it on the first card...heehee notice the jungle.safari paper is another version. Sometimes going through the jungles in life will bring rain...I mean some hard thunder booming rain...Learn to dance in the Rain...God wants to be your dance partner.

THanks for passing through...leave a comment..or just say Hi..I stopped by for a visit.    Until next safe..look at someone might be me you passed by.


Marisa Job said...

Beautiful cards! I agree...God is a wonderful dance partner!!! Hugs!

Kathy said...

Beautiful creations and I love your writing too! God is SO wonderful at everything! Blessings! Kathy