Thursday, June 28, 2012

3D Flower Card

FrugalGrannie 3D flower made with two size flowers.  A half of 3/4 inch round styrofoam and a 1/2 inch size. It is a cross between an Allium and Hydrangea flower. so I'm calling it a FrugalGrannie 3D Flower. I didn't have a starburst die for the Allium or mini-5 petal flower for the Hydrangea. So I used what I had a mini-eight petal flower hand die. I got the idea from "McGill How-to-Flower" Videos. The attached link shows you how to make the Allium. It is such a pretty flower and comes in so many colors.

I've always loved Hydrangea flowers with the sweet memory of my Dad picking up a planter for my GrandMother for Mother's Day and Easter.
I hope this encourages you to make it work with whatever you have. I believe in being frugal and making altered projects. Haaaaa..I just never thought I would be creating my own flowers.  I love the way this came out and it was quite easy. Hope you give it a try.

I  did use the McGill flower tools only because I knew of no other..Besides it is hard for me to get out and buy so I ordered these online from Hobby Lobby with their 40% coupon and free shipping. If you love flowers and want to attempt making your own. I suggest you check out McGill How-to Videos. They have a big variety of beautiful flowers to make.  If I can do it... you can. I have added Sunflowers to my To-Make them.

Thought I would close showing you what a real Allium Flower looks like. They come in several colors and breeds.
 Well, I hope you enjoyed and are encouraged to make your own. So what if they are makes it more interesting and we are our own right. Be blessed until next time. Leave a comment and come back again.


Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Wow! What stunning flowers! You have done such a beautiful job of these...beautiful colours too :)

trisha too said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

I was just nosing around some blogs, looking for a little inspiration to make my aunt a special birthday card, as I don't know if she would appreciate my usual style, and this REALLY makes me want to give it a try!!

Thank you for the comment you left on my corset piece at Altered Pages, oh goodness, I can NOT imagine ever wearing one of those!


jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Very beautiful, such a gorgeous 3d project, I love hydrangeas and allums, nature is so wonderful . janex

Marisa Job said...

Beautiful card!! The flowers are stunning!!!

Karen W said...

Wow, gorgeous cards, thanks for joining my blog and the nice comments.