Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Beginnings...New Life...New Joy

Open Arms...await you. This is my memory of my new beginning to a new life journey. Open arms that were held out to me..ready to receive me as I was and am, to hold, carry, caress the girl who always felt she never fit in, thought out of the box no one got, wore pointed witchy shoes in elementary, walked around with curls in her hair with that long neck everyone called Giraffe, would not look at people in the eyes because she was told it looked like she had poop in them, making ill choices as an adult.

Change the age of 33 years old when I was invited to a Charismatic Catholic Church increasing my hunger to learn more about this God these people seem to think listened to and answered their prayers. I was drawn to learn more about this God who I came to test and find is God Almighty Heavenly Father drawing me with His loving kindness as He chipped away the old. Filling me with joy overflowing into songs of praise the more I came to know Him. Yet reminding me my life would not be free of problems but God would be with me in the midst of problems.

This Easter season is a time of new beginnings. As Jesus came to die on the cross and rose again He brought us new beginnings.

In the spirit of the season I was inspired to use my artist talent to put something together for one of my Sisters. In this picture you see the final product of the art piece. I wanted to create it in a way her heart would be impressed to see that Jesus Loves Her so much. I was reminded when I walked in the Catholic Church on the second floor through double doors placing my eyes on a 10 foot tall hand painted picture of Jesus with his arms open wide waiting to receive me as i was. And from there the pieces came together.

Each intricate piece has special meaning as I picked the antiqued design on the paper and did my touches of inking. I mainly wanted to place specific faded stamped notions of locks and keys in the distant background. My interpretation to mean we have control of what we lock God out of and the keys to let Him sadly automatically and subconsicously from our hearts since we can't see Him. The trinkets of pearls from the pains in life's journey, clear little hearts to let God in, a pretty little key, the colorful butterfly and of course bling. All of them having a little meaning to tinkle the heart of their special meanings how God touches are lives daily when we choose to see it.

We have freewill and so many times I make it a bad thing. But..God...accepts me where I am..not for who I am or what I have accomplished...He waits with open arms for us each morning to start our day..let Him love you where you are.

Hope you enjoyed my first posting..the terrific thing is God is not finished with me yet..and I look forward to sharing more stories of the inspirations He gives me as I create my special trinkets, notions and Love Notes with God in my heart to someone special..

Who Loves You More?


ON THE TOP said...

You has beautiful blog. I'm very interesting to stop and read your articles here. Good job and keep writing.

Antoinette/Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Thank you. Rio. I am still in the works and have tweaked it since you've read. God Bless You.