Friday, April 6, 2012

Fulfilling the Heart

Hello everyone..enjoying my love for crafts as I receive blessings from other crafters that are gracious to share their love, pictures and tutorials on arts and craft projects. Erika Taylor being my true blessing this week on the calla lillie project. She put the opportunity out there for me to use and/or even go further with it..You know what I mean if you are an artist..those creative juices start flowing when you see something or go with someones idea and develop it into your own.  It doesn't make you wierd. We all choose what we do with our thoughts, creativity and actions.  I chose the positive things of life. 

 My afternoon thoughts were to go  right at it. I wanted to make my attempt on making those calla lillies..they are so different in beauty in my minds eye. I found out they come in so many forms of lillies and different colors...who knew?    Erika was making her calla lillies by cutting her pedals freehand and me feeling like I could not cut them as perfect remembered I had some Cuttlebug diecut leaf cutouts already made and used them for pedals even though they had those little leaf edges..guess I should have cut and smoothed them out but it's my creation and imagination so I left the leafs as they were besides I only made two.  And am deciding I will leave as part of my design which I find funny exciting because I have another project I am putting a lot.. another calla lillie project in the fire and can't wait to share with you later.  As I finished these two up, I quickly found their home with this precious bunny I watercolored.  I did not want it to be seen for a holiday season I wanted it to be universal because I was going to give it to my mailwoman the Post Office Lady. I created a special pretty envelope and put it in the mailbox as an "Act of Kindness"  special for her. She always gives me a wave and a little smile when I happen to be outside. There have been somedays she doesn't come by until after 3pm looking overworked through her smile.  She see's and delivers my special cards and special stamped envelopes and I wanted her to feel special  in case she wondered how one might look or how it would be to receive one.  I have to tell you I found it special that after a period of rest I peeked out the window and saw her open the mailbox, dropped her mouth and could actually read her lips saying "What is this?" slowly looked, smiled, put aside and drove off.  It really was more of a blessing for me.
My days are short in spirts of activity due to my physical disablity which has been a drastic change when you are used to being out and about taking care of everything you love like work, volunteering, freely shopping  and your parents needs. Everyday is a new day for me now..not knowing if my body is going to cooperate as quickly or even. The past few days have been wonderful, though my walking has given me more struggles.  My upper body will work well at periods so when I can I try to make flowers, read etc as I am reclined and resting until I can get up again and do housework or make me some likes me grub sweet grub, salty grup, popcorn grub. Can you tell? I just love food.  I do not have hate or ill feelings towards God my Creator for my current physical standings though I did go that first year questioning myself why and going down the forgive me list of people and things. If anything I am gracious to have life and now enjoy it in slow motion though I am believing I will be healed in due season. When I was put in the hospital for Crohns disease the Doctors told me my organs were shutting down so necessary procedures were done. After 21 days in the hospital other issues came about.  Once out it was a long two year process finding the right medications and physical therapy. As I look back at this past year I am happy to see that my long lost love for arts and crafts have been working itself back in through my daily physical pain.  Like a precious pearl developing my creativity and love for the arts. I refuse to stay down spiritually and know my God wants and has greater plans for me...also because my earthly Father Antonio Garza gave me guidance to  live as an independent young lady and my Heavenly Father wants to prosper me in the good things of his life creations  and not to harm me (Jeremiah 29:11).

I love that God has given me a giver and helpers heart learning that it is necessary to go to Him to refill, restore, rejuvenate and rekindle my soul as it longs to continue to shine for Him. That is why I appreciate  Erika Taylor on giving of herself and not holding her knowledge in of making beautiful things but sharing it and helping other people blossom. From her giving I was able to give and create not only my version of calla lillies but tiger lillies. My Dad loved roses and lillies so I had in mind and heart to make some in memory of him. I figured if I used the regular leaf to make calla lillies I could see if my Cuttlebug maple leaf diecut would make lillies.  And I am so happy they did with a some imagination. I looked up pictures on this wonderful world of internet I have newly discovered(I know huh where have I been) and am now using in building my creativity and making new friends. Below is my version of Tiger Lillies. I just love them and will be keeping this in memory of both my earthly Father and Heavenly Father who both want good for their daughter...Me.  And YOU!  Enjoy..I'm on facebook if you want to look me up.

Be Blessed and know you are Loved.


Unknown said...

Thank you so so very much for your kind words Antoinette. Happy Easter to you.

Vee said...

Antoinette, thanks for watching my Vee-dios and for visiting my blog and becoming a subscriber. It means so much to me. Thank you also for sharing your story. Even in the deepest depths of our pain and suffering isn't it great that God still gets the glory. I think of Job and his long suffering, but not once did he curse God and die. Hang in there and hang on. Those who are believers and read your story will lift your name in prayer. The Bible says that the prayers of the righteous availeth much. May the Lord Bless you and continue to keep you.
Your calla lily is gorgeous.