Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Altered Mousetrap

Hi, Everyone
I are saying. !What? did you say mousetrap? 
 Yes..I am wanting to share with you today my altered mousetrap inspired by a challenge I decided to take on in building my creativity to another level with other fun crafters in a new created VLVS! Swap Group.  THis is the second swap segment and they chose to alter mousetraps with the theme 'Bold Woman' and of course the use of at least one Viva Las Vegas Stamps!
Step 1: Dip & Dye

I used my dip & dye technique..You can check out directions on my previous post called "Project to Dye For"
Please note I tweaked the dyeing process for my benefit on wanting the 'Black' coloring the original Blogger on my post gives you ideas for all other colors you might want
 If you notice on the picture below...I bent the piece that sticks up on that middle flap so when I am ready to place my stamped artpiece it will lay flat...I also wrapped beaded ribbon on the latch and superglued down. It doesn't show on this picture..but once completed I added a black pearl bead on the bottom of that latch.

Viva Las Vegas Stamp! Products Used:
Lady with Hat/Item #18542
Inspire stamp/Item #18888
Miniature Bottles pk of 4/ BottlesCorkSm
The complete transformation of the mousetrap was a fun and inspiring project. Especially when it came for me to decide on choosing my 'Bold Woman'.  I hope this encourages you to step out the box and see where your creativity will take you. I surprised myself..and enjoyed it.

My Personal Walk on the theme 'Bold Woman'
I knew my Bold Woman was going to portray a Godly Woman of Proverbs 31..not to mean she has a specific look but in my Artpiece show 'emblems' of her life..for instance the stained paper cutout cross--where she got her salvation...the 'mini-bottle of mustard seeds'--faith..."For me that tiny mustard seed has taken me through a sometimes rough but now rooted journey once I knew it is my faith through trusting the Lord that helps me stand...boldly..each time something tries to attack my being." SO in a sense this 'Bold Woman' has become ME in coming to know I can stand BOLDLY in knowing, believing, walking and trusting God is God.

Until next time...this Frugal Grannie is out...

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