Saturday, November 3, 2012

'Paper Roses' Recycled Cardboard Strips

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share my 'Paper Roses' made from recycled pulled paper strips from cardboard boxes. I love the texture the paper gives. I have also recyled and used the corrugated part of the cardboard box which you can see on my post 'Play with Corrugated cordboard strips' .

Paper pulled from cardboard boxes.

Step 1_ Have a pulled strip of the cardboard paper
Step 2 _ Fold in half.
Step 3_ Start to roll in to make a firm center
Showing you on the ruler so you can see the length and width of the paper I am working with for these particular roses. The end doesn't have to be pointed like this was just torn that way.

Step 4_ then you twist/flip the paper strip and wind around continuing the process then hot glue

On this project I even left some of the strip out to look like a leaf on a couple..or you can just take the last little section of the paper strip to use as the foundation to glue the body of the rose down.

I started watercoloring one pink before I took the picture.

I scored lines on the leaves before but was better to do after watercoloring.

I painted all these with USArtquest Mica watercolors. 
These are for a particular birdhouse project I am putting together. I will share that on my next post.
I hope you enjoyed this bit of recycled use of all those boxes we get from orders.

Until next time...this Frugal Grannie is out.
And hopefully not such a long time lapse on posts... there are just so many changes going on at home..nothing bad just adjustments in lifestyle and reorganizng time.

3 comments: said...

Wow beautiful and recycled too! Can't beat that combo.

aussie aNNie said...

This is super and easy, am playing with cardboard at the moment so may give it a go later tonight.xxxAnnie

Lu Teze said...

I liked!Try to take a look in my work to see my boxes...