Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a Note & Tin MakeOver

'Steampunk Steam engine' stamp from Pinkflamingo61
by a wonderful artist 'Mary Vogel Lozinak'
I wanted to start with 'Just a Note'.  I was listening to a beautiful song  called 'The Stage is Bare' sung by Sandi Patti this weekend. The words hit home for me and encouraged my heart. I hope they do the same for you. A few words were:"The stage is bare" "I ask God to hold my hand on the daily days" " He gives me joy and certainty when no one else is watching me." It reminded me when I was in the professional world and surrounded by crowds, busyness of life, business and volunteer work. And now I am home alone, the crowd is gone and my home filled with quietness.  But God...He gives me joy and certainty despite my physical disablity. I am not going to lie..there are still times I cry when my body does not want to cooperate and makes me look awkward. But...
Jeremiah 29:11 says
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares, the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope a future."

Tin MakeOver

To think a year and a half ago this tin container started as a decorative tin I bought at a yardsale several years ago.   I spray painted it white and put the crystal drawer knob on there for a fancy decoration.  Haaaa..I thought I was  doing a crafty makeover then...silly me.  Since I have become disabled in my mobility not having long periods of stability. I get to recline  Blog Hopping when I can. It has opened my creativity to another level and such a wonderful new journey. I have always loved painting, embroidery and altering items.
  I used to love to collect pretty decorated tins and now that I'm crafting I want to change them up and start using them as containers to hold my trinkets and notions. My craftroom furnishings are in black & white with touches of wine red accessories. I am hoping to soon change the focus color to be an aqua soft turquoise color. Once I get redone I will share a picture of my craft-haven I love being in.

Back to the point of this particular tin.  I love my Cuttlebug leaf diecuts and wanted to use these particular ones to fancy up my tin. I did three layers of full leaves.  The middle layer being a different pattern.  Also, on the top edge I cut a leaf in half and set a frosted crystal.

FYI..I had my Son snip the crew shorter that goes into the knob to work for this tin.
I have so many tins..guess I will be having fun refacing them to a new look. I am glad I got them when I did this one may have been a dime.  So hopefully this will encourage you to change up your tins you are holding onto and/or check out those yardsales.

I got a little long winded this time hopefully you read my blog and got blessed. Until next time this Frugal Grannie Annie is out...hugs.


Maria Matter said...

so very beautiful Antoinette!

my little cottage said...

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.God bless you


Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

A fab card, I love that brilliant vintage image and your tin makeover is amazing, what a transformation, love it
Lindsay xx

Teresa Kline said...

wow, this is did a wonderful job...hope you have a fabulous day!

enjoy *~*